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SEO Price Calculator


Online SEO Price Calculator based on the Google competition

Curious about the SEO cost? Find out now with my estimative SEO price calculator!

This online calculator is an improved version of my old SEO calculator and can be used by any SEO expert or potential customer to calculate a quote for search engine optimisation.

I prefer to calculate the price by using the primary keyword(the keyword with the highest number of results, for which the client wants the 1st page of Google for his website). This is the total monthly price, including other related secondary keywords.

The result is an estimative monthly cost of the actual and total budget needed including the charge for the SEO work, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO campaign(online presence on the web and link-building).

How does this SEO calculator work?

1. In the “competition” field please enter the number of Google search results. Caution! Do not insert dots, commas or spaces in this field as it will return an error.
2. The new improved formula I use is: Competition / 24000 + 300 = Monthly price.

Online SEO price calculator for the first page of

Competition: results in

Monthly price/keyword: £ GBP


– How to find out the SEO competition (number of results) in Google for a given keyword?
– After each search you can see the number of results just below the search field. In the picture below the number of results is circled in red color.

As it can be seen in the picture below the keyword seo expert has a Google competition of about 15,000,000 results and it’s increasing daily.

How to find the SEO competition or the number of results in Google.