SEO Expert Paul has been helping clients and their websites to reach better Google rankings. By developing trusted relationships and providing quality SEO Services we can support our Clients and help them to achieve their goals.

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Hi, I'm Paul, SEO expert and consultant. Book my SEO services to get more clients to your website. I am offering top SEO services to increase your business sales. As a top SEO agency we are constantly improving our SEO services. Specialising in the following SEO services:

  • Ranking loss recovery
  • Ranking increase for new or start-up websites
  • Wordpress SEO experts
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Hire an SEO expert to grow your business

Feel the power of SEO and reach your business full potential!

I'm Paul, SEO Expert and Consultant specialising in Google search. I provide SEO Services with Google in mind! Invest in your business future today.

Choose the SEO Services of an SEO expert and friend. More than a business partner, I'm also helping my clients with valuable advice to get better exposure online.


Let's grow together

Our goal is to help you and grow together with clients like you. We are a small family business, building partnerships and creating friends. We are offering our tested SEO strategy so all our clients get to benefit from our years of experience. Once we agree to work on your website you can be sure that you will get the best. Our pricing is a relaxed, fixed amount, monthly payment.

With respect,

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Our SEO Results

Competition (Google Results) Key-phrase (Google Link) Google Page
24,300,000 results seo expert uk #1
12,600,000 results google seo expert uk #1
6,880,000 results seo specialist in england #1
16,800,000 results uk seo specialist #1
62,200,000 results uk seo professional #1
7,200,000 results hire seo expert uk #1
1b results 50 other keyphrases #1



1An SEO expert with fair prices: To stay ahead of the other UK SEO experts I work with a fixed monthly fee. I offer relaxed, fair prices and no dirty billing. A dirty billing example is when SEO companies want to charge you a monthly fee to keep your site ranked in Google after cancelling a SEO campaign. I don't do that. You get to keep the progress that has been achieved.

2Trying to get permanent results: As any local SEO expert should do, I have one thing in my mind: to create a natural link building pattern for a permanent SEO rank that last years. So paying for SEO with us is a always a profitable investment in the long run.

3Constant SEO learning: Trying to be the best SEO expert means specialising in UK and London SEO and conducting SEO experiments to understand how Google ranks websites locally. But Google algorithms change fast. In this year alone(2021) Google already made 500 small algorithm updates so it's a fast-changing game.

4In depth SEO knowledge: I'm working in the SEO industry since the time you had to know the exact website link in order to access it. Since then things have changed a lot. I have a lot of happy clients ready to recommend my work. Some clients are with us for 10+ years and this allowed us to grow togheter. I'm working the same way a scientist does, experimenting and then using proven techinques. I have long term results in mind so no shortcuts will be done. Nothing is automated. I only do manual and natural SEO work, for a clean SEO campaign.

5Up to date with the Google Search Algorithm Updates: As any top SEO experts should be we're up to date with the latest Google Updates: the July 2021 Core Update, Coronavirus 2020 update, June 2019 Core Update, Medic update, Mobile First Index, Panda, Penguin and Payday Loan v2, New year update, and more.



  • Keeping a relationship based on trust: Our SEO services are professional and we do everything in our power to help your business, including letting you know before taking the wrong step. We will let you know if the project can't work; in fact we only decide to get on-board if we see potential for improvement.
  • Fair SEO services: Less fancy words, less fancy reports and more actual work and results; that is our Motto. As any reputed SEO specialist should do, we do SEO to transform the World Wide Web into a better virtual market place, improving the web with one website at a time.
  • We're a few of the SEO pioneers of The search engine optimisation has changed a lot over the last 2 decades. The search engines have a bepsoke pattern for each country, especially for UK. So now, just like before, we're trying to be one step ahead. We put ourselves in the shoes of Google and think how can we differentiate the top websites from the average ones. Than applying what we learn to your website.
  • SEO services not limited the "this" or "that": There are thousands of things that can be done in order to improve a website ranking. It's impossible to even talk about all of them or recommend the same actions for each. So we just fix everything, no questions asked. Except for the cases when it requires major visible changes and need your consent.
  • Pause, cancel or restart the SEO services at any time: I noticed that more and more SEO companies want to lock you into an unfair contract so that you can’t leave without losing the rankings. That's not the case with us. You can pause, stop or restart our SEO services with a simple email notice, at any time, without losing the achieved rankings. You always get to keep the progress you made with us.

Our expert SEO Services

Affordable SEO Expert Services - For the smart business owner!

We are always trying to keep our SEO services affordable. We have one thing in mind, to bring more sales for your business while keeping your advertising costs down. Forget about the unfair promises of other marketing specialists. We know that you need sales, and that is our final goal when establishing the keywords and the SEO strategy. Our UK SEO services are clean and always up to date with the most recent Google changes.

Local SEO Services in the UK

Our expert SEO Services are specially created for UK and London based companies. Most of our clients are small business and company owners based in London or across Britain. We also offer SEO consultancy and local SEO expert services for Birmingham, SEO for Bristol, SEO for Glasgow, SEO for Leeds, SEO for Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leicester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sheffield and more.

SEO Services for various industries

We are professional SEO experts working with various industries and niches offering: medical SEO services, real estate SEO expert services, law firm SEO expert services, home improvement SEO, local shops and a lot more.

Wordpress SEO experts

If it's one thing we are SEO experts on, that is definitly Wordpress. We're doing SEO optimisation for Wordpress based websites since Wordpress exists. First, SEO for Wordpress was all about PHP coding in the last years magical SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO changed the game completly. Today, Wordpress SEO is a combination of SEO plugins, PHP coding, code stripping and other SEO optimisations.

SEO Services for Google.Co.UK

We are a team of SEO marketing experts, a SEO expert company doing search engine optimisation with in mind but other search engines like or are also picking up the SEO. We are internet marketing experts offering local SEO services for websites based in the United Kingdom and Europe and targeting the UK audience.

White Hat SEO Services Only

We offer White Hat SEO only. We think it's not fair to influence the search engines to rank a website that does not deserves it. SEO should be about creating an amazing brand name, an amazing link-building foundation, a fantastic user experience and an engaging content so that Google can't resist listing it on the top.

SEO Services For Mobile Devices

The search engine optimisation is done in such a way that it provides the best ranking increase for all devices, especially for the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.


seo portfolio home improvement
Furniture Company

700% traffic and leads increase in 48+ months
557+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. James S. 5 star seo expert

    Finally we are permanently on first page.
    Everything is superb!

seo portfolio beauty clinic
Beauty Clinic

350% traffic and leads increase in 48+ months
360+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Susanne Slobodyan 5 star seo expert

    We have been working with Paul since 2014. Paul knows his job very well, he is a professional and very experienced in his field. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who would like to take a business to a next level. Since Paul start working on our website our business increased substantially. Paul is a man of integrity and will deliver on his promises. Susanne Slobodyan, London - 2016

seo portfolio totalk9
Dog Training Firm

200% traffic and leads increase in 24+ months
440+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Rob Cammish 5 star seo expert

    After changing over to Paul to manage our SEO from another company the search results in Google natural search have been amazing to say the least in such a short amount of time! We are now on page one of Google! for most of our page search terms and Paul has also achieved position #1 page one page one from some of our search terms in Google. Excellent customer service with regular updates & reports so you can actually see the work thats been done, highly recommend… Rob Cammish, TOTAL K9 ® Limited

seo portfolio music
Music Producer

900% traffic and leads increase in 12+ months
14+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Jonathan Essex 5 star seo expert

    I chose to work with Paul Hoda after seeing he was #1 on Google for the search term ‘SEO Expert’. My website was brand new and had barely any ranking on Google with under 5 new visitors per day. Now within 3 months of working with Paul, I am on page 1 of Google for the search term ‘Music Producer London’ and my traffic has increased to over 100 visitors per day. Would definitely recommend.

seo portfolio photography
Wedding Photographer

200% traffic and leads increase in 12+ months
28+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Andrew George 5 star seo expert

    I can highly recommend Paul. He is very good at his job. He sent my website right to the top of google in just over a month! I will be using him in the future for sure!

seo portfolio photo 2
Wedding Photographer 2

100% traffic and leads increase in 12 months
23+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Chris Lowis 5 star seo expert

    When Google released an update my site dropped from page 1 to page 3 for one of my main search terms. I didn’t have the time nor expertise to find the cause of the problem so I decided to search for an SEO expert and upon discovering Paul’s site (as the #1 spot) I found his approach to SEO to be honest and open. Within just a few short weeks my site is back on page 1 and climbing. Highly recommended and will certainly use Paul’s services again when needed.

seo portfolio mbti
Personality Test Site

150% traffic and leads increase in 6+ months
30+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Eva G. 5 star seo expert

    I came across Paul’s services when I searched for “seo expert” on Google and figured that someone who owns the #2 spot (right after mighty Wikipedia) must know what they’re doing, and I have not been disappointed! Paul has provided extensive and practicable advice tailored to my site’s needs and since hiring him I have seen my Google ranking shoot up. Warmly recommended! Eva G.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or the process of optimizing a website to get organic traffic (which is un-paid traffic) from the search engine results page. Search engine are establishing the ranking of websites by a series of algorithms. Some algorithms are used for "On Page SEO" by crawling the actual content of a website. Other algorithms scan or crawl the whole web or the "Off Page SEO" to check a website's mentions and backlinks over the web, inside the content of other websites.

How SEO works?

Search engines try to provide the best service for their users. This means delivering results on the search engine pages that are high quality and also relevant to what the searcher is looking for. In order to do this, search engines will crawl the site to try and understand what the site is about and compare it to the other websites. The search engines will also scan the site to determine how easy it is to navigate and read. So SEO works this way: search engines are rewarding the optimised websites with higher rankings on the search results page. Search engine optimization is the process that organizations go through to help make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. They do this by optimising their site, following the current online trends, and by improving all aspects of the website.. Search engines like Google are picking up the optimisations done with the purpose of increasing a website position in the search pages.

What does an SEO expert do?

An SEO expert optimises and promotes a website with the purpose to have it rank higher in Google than the competitor websites in the same industry. The final goal is to push up the rank of the website as close as possible to the first page of the search results when searching for the required keyphrase. An SEO expert is an SEO specialist that has decades of experience in SEO. The website of a freelance SEO expert usually ranks in the first page of the search engines for keywords related to SEO.

How to find the keywords to rank your website for?

The easiest to find tool for optimising the keywords is Google Keyword Planner which was built to help more for PPC services, but it works for SEO too. The SEO specialist will also analyse your keywords and come with suggestions sometimes. One thing is for sure, long tail key-phrases consisting of two or three words are always better. If the website already ranks a bit, an even better way to find the right keywords is to analyse the GSC - Google Search Console 'Performance' section.


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