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Feel the power of SEO and unleash your business growth! I'm Paul, UK SEO Consultant and SEO Expert in UK offering SEO Services in UK! Start investing in your business future today.

Choose SEO Services in UK from an SEO Expert.

I'm Paul, UK SEO Specialist, SEO Expert UK, SEO Consultant, CSS Expert & NAP specialist. More than a business partner, I'm trying to be a friend, willing to help with my SEO Services and with my marketing knowledge. I like to play fair and I expect the same.

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Book a SEO SERVICE and see your website on the first page of Google

Following is a printscreen taken in 2019, with our SEO achievment: First place in with the keyword "seo expert uk". Your website can also get there with our SEO services, (for your keyword obviously).

But getting to rank in the first place of Google is a major challenge and a bit expensive. It's also hard to keep it there, because everybody wants the 1st place. So a smarter goal is to try and rank on the 1st page of Google; it's less expensive, has a faster goal achievment and a better chance.

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Top 5 reasons to choose Paul Hoda as your

SEO expert

1I really care: I really care for each website and SEO project I'm working on. I have long term results in mind with each SEO action that I do. Nothing is automated. I only do manual SEO work: white hat SEO trough a clean off site SEO campaign.

2Efficient use of the budget: To stay ahead of other UK SEO experts and SEO consultants of London I always do my best to provide significantly better SEO services than they do, for the same price. I have a lot of friends between bloggers, webmasters and other UK websites owners.

3Trying to get permanent backlinks: As any ther SEO expert should do, I have one thing in my mind, to get permanent backlinks. This way the ranking lasts longer even after we stop doing SEO services, so paying for SEO is a very profitable investment in the long run.

4Constant SEO experimentation: As an SEO expert specialised in UK SEO services I had to conduct many SEO experiments to understand how Google ranks websites in London and in the UK. I found that Google is ranking the websites by monitoring 200, 400 thousands of patterns.

5Up to date with the Google Search Updates: Up to date with the lastest Google Udpates: June 2019 Core Update, Medic update, Mobile First Index, Panda, Penguin and Payday Loan v2 updates and more updates than don't even have a name.

Paul Hoda

How I'm trying to be a better

SEO Specialist

  • I like to play fair: Less fancy words or fancy reports and more actual work and results. As any SEO specialist should do, I do SEO to transform the World Wide Web into a better virtual market place, improving the web with one website at a time.
  • I'm one of the SEO pioneers of A lot has changed in the search marketing over the decades but the golden rules are the same. So now, just like before, I'm trying to be one step ahead. I put myself in the shoes of Google and think how can we differentiate a top website from an average one.
  • I am trying to be a better SEO specialist so I am not limiting the work that I provide to "this" or "that": There are hundreds of things that can be done to improve a website and if I spot an issue I just fix it, no questions asked. Time is short so I like to improve as many things that I can. After all, you're hiring a SEO specialist to offer his best results, so that is what I will do.
  • I offer a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement): All your website login passwords, credentials and other sensible data needed to access the website are safe with me.
  • Pause, cancel or restart at any time: You can pause, stop or restart my SEO services at any time. Be sure I will never do anything to hurt the SEO achievements or undo my work once our collaboration ends, as some unfair SEOs do. By contrary, I'm always happy to have a nice portfolion of top ranking SEO projects in Google.

Paul Hoda

Our SEO Services

UK SEO Services - Affordable for the small business owner!

Me and my small team we are always trying to keep our SEO Services affordable for the UK small business owner. Our UK SEO services are clean and up to date with the recent Google changes.

Local SEO Services in the UK

Our SEO Services are specially created for UK and London based companies. Most of our clients are small business owners based in London or across Britain. Our clients lookign for SEO services also come from the following cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leicester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sheffield.

SEO Services for Google.Co.UK

We are doing search engine optimisation with in mind but other search engines like or are also picking up the SEO. We offer local SEO services for websites based in the United Kingdom and Europe that are targeting the UK audience.

White Hat SEO Services Only

We offer White Hat SEO only. We think it's not fair to influence the search engines to rank a website that does not deserves it. SEO should be about creating an amazing brand name, an amazing link-building foundation, a fantastic user experience and an engaging content so that Google can't resist listing it on the top.

SEO Services For Mobile Devices

The search engine optimisation is done in such a way that it provides the best ranking increase for the most popular mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Successful SEO Stories, Case Studies, Rankings Improvements and Testimonials
seo story development company
Programming and Development Company

400% traffic and leads increase in 48+ months
520+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
seo sports shop
Sports Gifts Supplier

400% traffic and leads increase in 18+ months
300+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
seo portfolio wardrobes
Furniture Company

700% traffic and leads increase in 48+ months
557+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. CEO Furniture Company says:

    Congratulations! Finally we are permanently on first page. Everything is superb!

seo portfolio beauty clinic
Beauty Clinic

350% traffic and leads increase in 48+ months
360+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. CEO Beauty Clinic says:

    We have been working with Paul since 2014. Paul knows his job very well, he is a professional and very experienced in his field. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who would like to take a business to a next level. Since Paul start working on our website our business increased substantially. Paul is a man of integrity and will deliver on his promises.

    Susanne Slobodyan, London, UK. Feb 2016

seo portfolio totalk9
Protection Dogs Training Firm

200% traffic and leads increase in 24+ months
440+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. CEO Dogs Training Firm says:

    After changing over to Paul to manage our SEO from another company the search results in Google natural search have been amazing to say the least in such a short amount of time! We are now on page one of Google! for most of our page search terms and Paul has also achieved position #1 page one page one from some of our search terms in Google. Excellent customer service with regular updates & reports so you can actually see the work thats been done, highly recommend… Rob Cammish, TOTAL K9 ® Limited

seo portfolio music
Music Producer

900% traffic and leads increase in 12+ months
14+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Music Producer says:

    I chose to work with Paul Hoda after seeing he was #1 on Google for the search term ‘SEO Expert’. My website was brand new and had barely any ranking on Google with under 5 new visitors per day. Now within 3 months of working with Paul, I am on page 1 of Google for the search term ‘Music Producer London’ and my traffic has increased to over 100 visitors per day. Would definitely recommend.

seo portfolio photography
Wedding Photographer

200% traffic and leads increase in 12+ months
28+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Wedding Photographer says:

    I can highly recommend Paul. He is very good at his job. He sent my website right to the top of google in just over a month! I will be using him in the future for sure!

seo portfolio photo 2
Wedding Photographer

100% traffic and leads increase in 12 months
23+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. Wedding Photographer 2 says:

    When Google released an update my site dropped from page 1 to page 3 for one of my main search terms. I didn’t have the time nor expertise to find the cause of the problem so I decided to search for an SEO expert and upon discovering Paul’s site (as the #1 spot) I found his approach to SEO to be honest and open. Within just a few short weeks my site is back on page 1 and climbing. Highly recommended and will certainly use Paul’s services again when needed.

seo portfolio mbti
Personality Test Site

150% traffic and leads increase in 6+ months
30+ keywords ranking in Google's page #1
  1. CEO Personality Test Site says:

    I came across Paul’s services when I searched for “seo expert” on Google and figured that someone who owns the #2 spot (right after mighty Wikipedia) must know what they’re doing, and I have not been disappointed! Paul has provided extensive and practicable advice tailored to my site’s needs and since hiring him I have seen my Google ranking shoot up. Warmly recommended!

    Eva G.

Our SEO Services details:

Off Site SEO
  • We search ways to create new backlinks, business citations and mentions for your website.
  • We list your business in 90% of all the UK networks of business guides, web directories and clasifieds(needs up to 1 year of SEO).
  • We list your business N.A.P. (business name, address, phone) in independent UK authority websites.
  • We optimise your business NAP over the whole web.
  • We remove your website bad back-links.
  • Google Search Console optimisations.
  • Google Business and Google Maps listings NAP optimisation.
  • Facebook Page listing NAP optimisation.
On Site SEO
  • Keywords optimisation and implementation
  • Technical SEO
  • Meta tags, Meta titles, Meta descr. and Headings optimisation
  • Images optimisation and Alt tags
  • Internal Linking SEO
  • Sitemap.xml SEO, Robots.txt SEO, .htaccess SEO, Redirects SEO
  • Google penalty protection
SEO reports
  • We monitor the SEO performance with accurate Google Search Console reports and understand what works.
  • We track the SEO campaign and send monthly reports.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or the process of optimizing a website to get organic traffic (which is un-paid traffic) from the search engine results page like the Google search page. Google is ordering the ranking of websites by a series of algorithms. Some algorithms are used when Google searches "On Page" by crawling the content of a website. Other algorithms scan or crawl the whole web "Off Page" to check a website's mentions and backlinks over the web, trought the content of other websites.

How SEO works?

Search engines like Google are picking up the optimisations done with the purpose of increasing a website position in the search pages. In order to start a Google ranking increase any website requires an Off Page SEO which is a specific structure of mentions and backlinks over the web. The search engines create a virtual map of all the mentions of a website within the other websites: backlink, business name, address and phone, and text content. Not all mentions, citations or backlinks help, so it's important to keep a clean backlink profile. To rank higher a website also needs a perfectly done On Page SEO with a proper content structure.

What does an SEO expert do?

An SEO expert optimises a website's On Page content: the text, the images and the source code behind them; the titles, headings, overall structure, internal linking, all meta tags and more. An SEO consultant also optimises the Off Page, which means how other websites on the web are referring to the website in cause. Off Page usually consists of link building, brand name mentions and citations of the business name, address and phone or the so called NAP (name, address, phone) optimisation.

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