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Birmingham SEO Analysis

Regardless of the type of business you are running, the online should not be ignored. Things have changed so much in the past years that our entire way of life now revolves around one thing, our personal smart device that we always carry around with us. What this means is that if you want your business to continue to thrive

, you need to invest in a good online presence and the website is the first thing that is on that list. A modern website tailored to suit your exact business needs should be completed with Birmingham SEO that will see your website rank higher in the search engine results pages, making it easier for potential customers to find you. This means going into details in analyzing the particularities of your Birmingham business, but the end-result is worth it and is very similar to moving the location of a store from the edge of the city to a prestigious street in the downtown.

Birmingham SEO expert Paul Hoda

Same as in the real world, the virtual world is constantly changing, with rules, trends and competition level always on the move. Your online presence should never be ignored and your website should always be overlooked for new errors and glitches, but also for its structure and content to always be updated to stay in accordance with the latest updates in Google’s algorithm. Thanks to my experience, I learned that if you want to rank locally in Birmingham, then you need Birmingham SEO services for a successful online presence. The search engine optimization of a website is addressed step by step by following a SEO expert Birmingham strategy which starts with analyzing and identifying the right keywords to suit the needs of your business, continuing with on-site Birmingham SEO which sees the optimization of the website itself, and ending-up with a tailored link-building campaign to solidify your presence in the Google rankings for the long term.

Birmingham SEO approach

Having done this from the mid 2000’s, I have become an expert in applying strategies and identifying the solutions required for building local traffic. The widespread preference of searching for a business or a service in the online first has become a fact as the majority of people turn to their personal mobile devices and Google search first when they need a service or want to make a purchase, so Birmingham SEO is a real need for all local companies. Once the keywords analysis is complete, I will tailor a specific strategy for your website with the main objective of using my Birmingham SEO expert skills for addressing and beating the competition by following two core lines of action: website optimization and link-building. This includes adding target keywords in online directories, but this is just a part of the work as there are many other ways a website’s online visibility can be increased by using a Birmingham SEO expert.

My best practices

As stated above, Birmingham SEO means a lot of things and many different lines of action need to be followed to be as effective as possible, but also to be efficient budget-wise. There are obvious ways of increasing your online presence such as listing your company on Google Maps, but that’s nearly not enough, so this is why Birmingham SEO also includes:

  • Link building
  • NAP optimisation over the web
  • Brand name building
  • Website mentions
  • On-site optimisation
  • Content marketing

Another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is having Birmingham as a necessary and obligatory part of every long tail keyword or long-term search terms used in your local area. This aspect is a key point for driving traffic to your website the same way a road sign is many times indispensable in ensuring the good flow of traffic. If you’re reading this and you are part of or own a business that has a physical location in Birmingham, then you should and probably know that virtual traffic is as important as real traffic and that it often precedes actual customers crossing your doorstep. Contact me or give me a shout at any time to discuss your Birmingham SEO expert needs and see what it takes for your website to reach the first page of Google.

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