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How to choose a SEO agency in the UK

Dec 12th, 2019Comments Off on How to choose a SEO agency in the UK

Choosing a SEO agency or SEO company is no easy task. Especially today, when fake advertising and false promises are not punished.

So I thought I should help people open their eyes.

Back in the 2000’s we were just about 10 SEO specialists out there. But these days, new SEO companies land overnight. Last time I counted there where about 600 SEO agencies in the United Kingdom only plus the U.S. and Canada agencies that started to target the UK.

So how to check if a SEO company is legit and able to deliver?

  1. Start looking for which of the SEO agencies have a real organic ranking.
  2. Stay away from SEO agencies that have PPC Ads.

Fig 1. Comparison of PPC (Pay Per Click Ad) Vs. Real Organic Ranking.

Why you don’t want an SEO agency that has a PPC Ad?

  1. If the SEO agency itself doesn’t have a real ranking how can they promise a ranking to a client? Yet, their advertisement says they can do SEO but they buy PPC Ads.
  2. The costs of buying an PPC Ad in search engines are high. And those costs will be supported by their clients. If that is not unfair than what is?