How To Get More Clients in 2020

Aug 5th, 2020Comments Off on How To Get More Clients in 2020

“How do I get more clients?”

It’s the question every business owner asks.

So how do you get more B2B clients? Some say there’s no silver bullet. But what if it was? Would you invest your savings in it?

So what is the Holly Grail that every small business owner is looking for? The thing that will get you clients ringing non-stop, and for years to come.

Before the online and internet era it was all about advertising on banners, radio and TV media.

There was a time when only sharing business cards would help a lot. But now everything was replaced by the online media. And more exactly which part of the online you may be asking?

Now I will tell you something to open your eyes: certainly not the social networks. Contrary on how most think, studies show that social networks are rarely used by smart business to business owners that are looking to find a good value service or product. Why, because they know these social networks advertisements are just that, advertisements. And let’s be honest, online advertisements go hand in hand with aggressive marketing which is basically “beautiful lies”.

Instead, I will show you what the typical smart clients does:
1. He/she opens
2. He/she types in the search page a question or just the service or product they need.
3. Boom, he/she clicks one of the results that appear in the first page of search results.
4. If the website they click is not satisfying, not what they had in mind, or it’s simply misleading, they will click back to the search results and…
5. And then click on another website in the search results. The process repeats until they find a website that matches their expectations. But this is happening on the first page of search results only, maybe a bit on the second too.

And here comes the SEO part. SEO is about:
A) Pushing a website in the first search results pages of Google. This is a process that may take up to 1 year or more for high competition industries.
B) Transforming that website into a good looking, modern website. And making it super mobile responsive because people now use various mobile or desktop devices.

So yes, the secret about getting more (smart) clients that are ready to buy is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Invest in a SEO service with us today and see your business flourishing cheaper than with advertisement or other types of marketing. And SEO does not expire leaving you with 0 clients once your advertisement budget is gone. So why not book a SEO campaign today and feel the power of SEO!


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