How to get my website on Google

Jan 8th, 2019Comments Off on How to get my website on Google

I was making some research on the online market for what people are searching in Google in 2019 regarding the adding of their new website on the Google search engine and I came up with the following phrases:

  • How to get my website on Google?
  • Show website on Google.
  • Add a website to Google.

Now, regarding the above queries, a lot of people contact me nowadays to ask me if I can add their newly created website to show up in Google. Yes I can. It’s called “website indexing (to Google)“. It’s a simple and cheap task if I’ll do it (really). There are so many SEO companies that ask huge fees for this task. I’ve added hundreds if not thousands websites to Google. To make things clear, I’m talking about indexing a website to Google so that when you search the exact domain name, the website shows up in Google’s first page. This doesn’t mean the website will show up when someone searches for the website unique brand name, or the keywords that you want to promote your website in Google. That is an entirely different thing that I’m going to speak about right now.

Here is the second set of queries used by people that need their website to show up in Google search when someone looks for a specific set of keywords. I’ll try to answer for each:

  • How to get my website higher on Google? (Get your website higher on Google By doing SEO – search engine optimisation for it)
  • How to send my website on the first page? (Get your website on first page of Google by creating a perfect website for a better service/product, then do SEO for it.)
  • Google first page cost. (The Google first page cost is depending on the keyword and website)
  • Google first page rank. (The Google first page rank is something that we can achieve for your website)
  • Google first page guaranteed (Google’s first page is not something that can be guaranteed)

Are you here because you have a website that you want to show up in Google search results, maybe even in the first page of Google?
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