Ranking drop after switching from http to https

Oct 26th, 2020Comments Off on Ranking drop after switching from http to https

Everybody talks about the fact that you need to switch from http to https since it’s a Google ranking factor.
But few know this is a trap.

In fact, after going from http to https will result -at least temporary, in a major website ranking drop in Google’s search pages.

So in order to recover from this ranking drop you can do the following:

  • Add both the https and http domain properties to your Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Create a new https sitemap file and add it to Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Make sure you 301 redirect the old http sitemap url to the new https sitemap url
  • 301 redirect all your old http pages to the new corresponding https pages

Ranking loss after changing from http to https can be temporary or permanent and can take up to 6 months to recover to a certain extent.

If you need more help just contact me and my SEO expert advice may help you speed up the ranking recovery.


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