SEO got easier with Penguin and Panda – 5 reasons

Apr 4th, 2013Comments Off on SEO got easier with Penguin and Panda – 5 reasons

Although many sites were hit by Google’s Penguin and Panda updates I have to say that SEO just got easier. Below you will detail the main five reasons why the work of the SEO experts just got easier:

  1. Linking matters less so we can promote a website in the Google first page in a record time without too much linkbuilding. However to rank well any website needs to deserve the top position.
  2. Fresh content does not have the same value as before if the website doesn’t offer something valuable . Google bots are just as hungry as before but the difference is that fresh content is not enough. It takes more than that. Google bots needs to see that visitors are interested in the website and is does this by analyzing the actions of each visitor that is browsing the website.
  3. A great idea is always self-promoted. Yes, I’m thinking about Facebook too. The new Google algorithm has the ability to seek and understand the patterns behind a good website. Basically if you find a great idea and a website which offers a revolutionary, fascinating and addictive experience Google will notice that from the behavior of visitors.
  4. Time is no longer a decisive factor. Before Penguin and Panda updates time was critical in promoting a website from zero, but now the same results can be achieved over a period of at least half. Moreover, extraordinary websites or bright ideas can reach the first position only after a few days of release. Social websites like Facebook and Twitter are the main reason for this.
  5. Quality comes first! Attention to details is very important even if we speak about content details, design details or functionality details. After the last algorithm updates the attention to details weighs more than an aggressive SEO or social media campaign!

Although not yet confirmed there are rumors that Google has released a new update on April 1, 2013 called the Google Easter / April Fools 2013 Update. Changes in the algorithm are not major but I have seen some slight changes in the search results.