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SEO Price Calculator

UK SEO prices calculator

I previously had an automatic price calculator but I had to remove it because of Google constantly changing the search algorithm in the last years. Here are some samples of my current SEO pricing:

£400 per month — mid-range small business SEO (local)
£500+ per month — more competitive mid-range SEO (local and competitive)
£700+ per month — high-end small business SEO (based in London)
£900+ per month — high-end for competitive industries (based in London and competitive)
£1,500+ per month — high-value businesses with content-led SEO approach. (national and or competitive )

There are some online small SEO providers that work from around £50 to £200 per month no matter the project or website. It’s hard to believe that those provide any help for a website’s ranking or reputation. There are also some providers of spammy link-building services and other black hat SEO or artificial SEO services like increasing the number of Facebook likes, Tweets, Google +s, or other un-natural services which always lead to a Google penalty of your domain.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that link-building or improving the social media reputation shouldn’t be done. But it must be done individually and according to each project. One can’t use the same SEO strategy or the same backlinks for multiple projects. That will not work to increase the ranking. That’s why the SEO is harder now than ever, because each project requires a lot of analysis and a different approach.