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SEO Prices

SEO prices can vary a lot, from project to project and from SEO company to SEO company.

Because our goal is to really help businesses and grow together our SEO prices are tailored for small budgets. But the work value is worth a lot more. Some of our clients got 5x times more leads with our monthly SEO campaigns than compared to using the same monthly budget in PayPerClick / Google Adwords, in the long run. Our SEO services work best for a small start-up business with a decent WordPress website in a non-competitive industry.

How is our SEO quote calculated?

We can work with a rather small budget per month if the following conditions exist:

  • If the website domain is new and you have a start-up business. With our SEO you can get amazing ranking improvements and your website can go a step higher in the number of leads per year, permanently.
  • If your website targets less popular industries or less competitive areas. Less competition means than more can be achieved with less SEO.
  • If you have a website that didn’t benefited from any SEO work until now(neither from DIY SEO which is the worst). It means less bad SEO to be fixed.
  • For local SEO targeting only a city or county. Example: a tradesman targeting a small city. London doesn’t qualify here since it has a very high competition.

We will need a higher budget per month if:

  • For an established website or business brand name that already ranks in Google. It’s a lot harder to move a website from Google page #2 to page #1 than moving it from page #4 to page #3.
  • Or for a website that already had SEO work done. We’ll have a hard time fixing the bad SEO. But unfortunately this is the most popular SEO work that we do – fixing the bad things that other “SEO specialists” have done.
  • If your website targets very popular keywords or industries like eCommerce selling the same products as everybody. As an example: an eCommerce shop selling the same popular products that another million shops are selling it will require a large SEO budget and a lot of SEO work to get ahead.
  • For nation wide SEO targeting the whole UK or for a business targeting the popular London.

Our mission and goals

Our main goal is helping businesses growing their online presence. We are trying to improve the world wide web with one website at a time. Choose to work with SEO expert Paul and let your website get on top of your industry with a limited amount of money; opposed to PPC advertising like Adwords which is a never ending spending.

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