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SEO Price

Our goal is to really help businesses and grow together with clients like you. Our firm is not a ‘made for profit’ business listed at the stock market. We are a family business, building partnerships and creating friends.

Pricing versus Quality of our SEO Service:

We are offering the same tested SEO strategy so all our clients get to benefit from our years of experience. There is no poor or ‘cheap’ SEO service. Once we agree to work on your website you can be sure that you will get the best from us.

Our pricing is usually a relaxed, fixed amount as a monthly payment.

Our SEO package includes all that is needed to boost your rankings in Google search.

Evaluating the potential of ranking increase:

  • A high ranking increase can be achieved if the website domain is new and you have a start-up business. With our SEO you can get amazing ranking improvements and your website can go a step higher in the number of traffic, clicks and leads per year, permanently.
  • A high ranking increase can be achieved if your website targets less competitive areas. Less competition means than more can be achieved with the same SEO work.
  • A high ranking increase can be achieved if your website didn’t benefited from a previous SEO work. It means less bad SEO to be fixed.
  • A high ranking increase can be achieved if we are less greedy: For example, we should try targeting a local SEO, only a city at a time. Example: a tradesman targeting a small city has the best chances to get a fast return of investment. London doesn’t qualify here since it has a very high competition.

Our mission and goals

Our main goal is helping businesses by growing their online presence in Google. We are trying to improve the world wide web with one website at a time. Choose to work with SEO expert Paul and let your website get on top of your competitors with a limited amount of money; opposed to PPC advertising like Adwords which is a ‘black hole’ that is eating all budgets for temporary results.

Find about our SEO price and book our SEO at office@paulhoda.co.uk

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