SEO Prices – UK

Our SEO Price list in the UK.

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SEO Prices UK

Ideally, the SEO pricing should be a reflection of the SEO results, or vice-versa.

But this is rarely the case. We’ve had clients that worked with other SEO companies that charged them 5x times as much as we charge, and with poor SEO results. It’s easy to understand that large “corporation” agencies have one thing in mind: profit. They don’t work with passion, don’t care about the discoveries they can make, or about the technical achievements. They just pay some unhappy employees to make SEO spam. And yes, the web is full of SEO spam, and we know who’s to blame for that.

In a more positive note, there are a lot of hard-working SEO agencies and SEO experts in the UK, and things have improved a lot in the last year. SEOs started to understand that only a website that deserves to be on top of the search page will get there.

Our SEO pricing

Start-up SEO: £350.00/month If you have a start-up website with no ranking in Google, we usually offer a “start-up” SEO price, to help you grow. Only if the website is based on WordPress.

Standard SEO: £400.00+ /month Our standard SEO package price start at £400.00 per month for a single website SEO, having up to 20 pages. WordPress websites, and with non-competitive niche have a better chance to get the minimum SEO price of 400.00/month.

Power SEO: £1000.00+ /month Usually this works best for website owners that want to get on top at all costs, or target a competitive niche.

FREE SEO: £0.00/month Sometimes we accept to do SEO for free, for non-profit organisations or other people-helping websites.

Our mission and goals

Our main goal is helping start-up businesses to build their online presence. And to help established businesses grow. We are trying to improve the world wide web with one website at a time.