SEO results come for those who wait

Jan 30th, 2019Comments Off on SEO results come for those who wait

It’s important to keep in mind that SEO requires an extensive testing, data collection and learning.

A ranking increase requires a SEO campaign to run for an extended period of time in order to

find out what works best for each website to rank higher.

The more time you give to SEO, the more the SEO specialist can learn and predict; what are the best strategies, the best natural back-links to get and so on.

The best results – be it website clicks, phone calls, in-store visits, or conversions, are always achieved after an extensive SEO campaign of at least 1 year (with the same SEO specialist).

That’s why I always advise my clients to set their monthly budgets to a level that is sustainable for an extended period of time, until the return of investment takes place.

Obviously, I can offer better and faster results with large budgets but if that is done only for a short period of time the ranking will not go up.

Google needs consistency and it also needs to see a constant flow of natural back-links.