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Mobile Website Design / Responsive Web Design!

New! I offer mobile website development!


Advantages of our revolutionary Mobile web design / Smartphone web development:

  • I create optimised mobile website design, with SEO in mind. State of the art, modern, 100% responsive websites.
  • Based on a solid WordPress CMS.
  • No hidden elements in mobile viewing. All site elements are visible in mobile and also in desktop.
  • Menu items are available at just 1 click away. This is a premiere in the web industry. No more items hidden behind the menu icon.
  • Images are fully optimised for mobile viewing.
  • All text is readable and has decent font size.
  • Fully optimised meta tags for SEO.
  • Using WordPress premium themes as a base but stripped out of the unnecessary code and scripts to ensure a lighting fast website and a stuck-free Googlebot.
  • Record breaking small amount of code and almost no scripts to prevent Googlebot from getting stuck before reaching the website’s footer.
  • We test the websites by using the most popular smartphones in the UK market for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.
  • But the true advantage stands in all the small details that make our web design stand out.

A better user experience in mobile websites.

Me and my team are now developing fully mobile websites, specifically optimised for smartphones and mobile users. What’s even better is that we provide Smartphone web design, made with SEO for Google in mind. A mobile website design means a fast website, with a better user experience for mobile phone users.

Is the mobile website loading speed so important?

Yes, the website loading speed on a smartphone is very important. Because the users rely on mobile data to access them. And because most of the mobile devices still have a low processing power. A mobile responsive website should load fast on 3G, 4G and WiFi.

The mobile traffic is now higher than the desktop traffic.

Starting with year 2014 Google has moved it’s attention more and more towards mobile phones ranking. I remember I had a high number of projects that I managed to increase the rankings for with the use of a better mobile web design and development.

Further more, in 2016 more than half of the websites that were not ready to be viewed on a mobile/smartphone/tablet were “penalised” in Google rankings, even for Google searches from desktop PCs. In 2017 the mobile phones traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic.

Google’s “Mobile first index” causing an “web earthquake”.

In 2018, Google has launched the “Mobile first index” indexing algorithm. “Mobile first index” means that Google will now use the mobile version of the website for indexing and ranking in Google search across all devices not only for smartphone. So if you have an amazing desktop website but a poor smartphone version, then even with an expensive SEO the rankings will be weak across all devices, even for desktop PC’s.

How are the recent web changes affecting your website?

Well, if you are still using a website developed by a classic web design company, a website that is made for desktop but adapted to be mobile ready or responsive, that website is not going to rank well in Google. At least, no more. But even if you change your site today to a perfect mobile web design, you should be ready for a drop in sales that may need 1 year to recover. Because it takes Google 3 to 6 months to notice your website changes. Another 6 months of temporary ranking drop due to your recent website change. Yes, a website change comes with a temporary ranking drop. Especially if your designer can’t keep the old URL names for the new pages, or doesn’t redirect them.

A mobile website design worthy of 2019.

A perfect mobile website will need to be built for the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets then adapted to also fit the minority of desktop PC users!

Are you ready to be ahead of the others? Order a Smartphone Ready Website now! Act fast and order a mobile website design right now to have a chance against the competition. Enquire today and get ready to receive an amazing website that will look and feel nice on all mobile devices, at a decent cost.

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