Top 10 SEO myths busted – 2020

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I’ve been reading so much outdated information about SEO lately. There are few SEO experts that really know about the recent SEO changes. People misunderstand the point of content writing especially in SEO and they’re writing a lot of fluff, copy-paste themselves over an over. But nobody cares to make a real study and share any valuable info that can be used for SEO services.
So I did it myself. And put together this piece of verified SEO information:

Here are the Top 10 SEO myths as of 2020, or things that used to work but don’t anymore.
Most of these ranking factors used to work in the good old days but those days are gone.

Domain authority

They say that domain authority (D.A.) is still vital for ranking. FALSE. My tests show that Domain Strength in D.A.(domain authority) does not matter for ranking anymore! At least not alone.

Domain Inlink rank

Domain Inlink rank. This is the D.A. of the page where the backlink is located. Inlink Rank is based off the same algorithm as the original Google PageRank and is determined by the number of incoming links to a page. It’s a score on a logarithmic scale from 0 and 100, which means it’s easier to grow one’s InLink Rank from 20 to 30 than it is from 80 to 90. The same as Domain Strength, Google cares less about the D.A. of the page linking.

Domain Alexa Rank

They say Domain Alexa Rank still counts. False, Domain Alexa Rank also has no value for ranking in search engines. It’s just an old measuring tool installed in some old computer browsers.

Domain Age

Domain Age. This is somehow debatable.

Total number of backlinks

Total number of backlinks (no matter the number of domains) is also not taken into count when ranking.

IP addresses

IP addresses. A large number of backlinks from various IPs don’t help either. Even worse, a large number of linking IPs may be seen as webspam.


C-block. The same as IP, a large number of C-block doesn’t count for ranking.

Dofollow backlinks

Large number of Dofollow backlinks is also useless if these are not coming from the relevant pages and in a certain pattern.

Diversified anchors

Large number of anchors/diversified anchors. These doesn’t matter either.

Be careful when choosing SEO services

Conclusion, be careful when choosing a SEO service because ranking is not built on synthetic figures and a certain number of backlinks, and neither on quality backlinks, just for the sake of their quality and authority. But instead is built on a set of similar patterns noticed by the google-bots between the top ranking websites.

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