Top 5 SEO myths of 2013

Jul 26th, 2013Comments Off on Top 5 SEO myths of 2013

The top 5 SEO myths of the current year that every SEO expert should know about are:

  1. The most important SEO myth is that people think that inbound links from multiple websites that are hosted on the same IP have no SEO value. That’s wrong! A link on a good page means a vote no matter the IP address!
  2. The second myth is that the more inbound links a page has the higher it will rank. This is not always the case. Look at my website backlinks. It has less than 10 back-links and is on the first page of for the keyword “seo expert“.
  3. The presence of rich unique content weighs more than the actual value of the content. False! Nobody wants to read a long text that doesn’t have useful information; not even the Google Bots!
  4. Links from higher Page Rank pages are more important than the ones from 0 PR pages. Page Rank is Page Rank and it has nothing to do with the SERPS (search engine positioning). The only difference of a higher PR link is that it helps the spiders to see the linked pages sooner.
  5. And the most interesting thing is that people think that the Google robots can’t see or understand images. False. Google has the ability to “see” the images with or without the “alt” meta tag.

I hope these SEO tricks helped. Good Luck!



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