What is an SEO expert?

Apr 9th, 2013Comments Off on What is an SEO expert?

What is an SEO expert?

Before explaining what is an SEO expert or SEO specialist I will explain what SEO means.
S. E. O.  is the abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimisation”.

SEO (Noun): the use of various techniques to improve a website’s ranking in the search engines(SERP) and thus attract more targeted visitors.

SEO Specialist versus SEO expert

An SEO specialist is someone that uses various techniques like Off Site SEO(mainly consisting on link-building) and On Page SEO(optimisation of the website source code). The purpose is to have the website rank ahead of the competitors in Google search organic results when searching specific key-phrases.

An SEO expert is an SEO specialist that can prove he is an expert in his field of work. An example of SEO proof can be a website that has continuous top rankings in it’s niche for extended periods of time, like 5 years or more.


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